22 Chrome Rims: The Basic Facts}

22 Chrome Rims: The Basic Facts


Ben Pate

If you want the best for your car you need 22″ Chrome Wheels. In todays times bigger wheels and rims means more power and money and it really gives off a certain feel to ones car. Customizing your car will make you much more attractive.


To be perfectly frank, not all cars can handle large wheels. The frame of some cards will make larger wheels difficult to drive or will even hit the fenders of the car. Large wheels can give you a bumpier ride so you if your car is smaller purchase low profile tires. These tires are pretty costly but they will fit as long as you get the correct tires and offset on the wheels. Sometimes 22 wheels can damage your car.

Some people are not sure if getting bigger wheels will increase the speed of their car. Engines are rated for a maximum RPM speed. So the bigger the tires or wheels, the car can go faster at the same maximum RPM. But it is possible that the rate of acceleration would be decreased. Because the perimeter of the wheel increases the wheel can cover more distance and will move faster. So if you want to go faster then get larger wheels. But the maximum speed of the car is in part limited by the power of the engine.

If you’re thinking of 22 Chrome Wheels, you must know if the car can manage such wheels without being harmed. The proper wheels will improve the ease of the car’s movement. You must contact a tire shop and ask whether the car can accommodate the size tires that they wish to put on.

Hollywood celebrities, musicians and athletes are all adding big wheels and rims to their vehicles. This accessory not only raises these vehicles above the sight line of the rest of the drivers, but serves as a tangible representation of net worth. People see such tricked out rims, and they expect someone famous to be behind the wheel.

Nowadays these tires are made for speed and terrain. Certain size tires fit on certain types of cars. Some cars need to be lifted in order to have larger tires. Sometimes people put hydraulics on the car to showcase the larger wheels and to do tricks with the car. Larger tires are often used in races and also used just to simply raise a car higher. In many cases people get custom wheels to fit the color and shape of the car. You can get the rims and wheels to match your style at a tire shop.

To be completely truthful, not all types of vehicles can handle large Custom wheels. The body of certain cars make larger wheels hard to drive or will possibly hit the fenders of the car.


may possibly give you a bumpier ride so if you have a vehicle that is smaller buy low profile tires. Tires such as these are quite expensive but they will fit if you purchase the correct tires and offset of the wheels.

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22 Chrome Rims: The Basic Facts }