Wheel Chair Exercising For Disabled}

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Disability is one of the worst evils that occur with people today. Present in any form, it makes life miserable. Situation is even worse when people suffer disability in their lower limbs. For life long, they are dependent on wheelchairs for their mobility. Ask them and they will tell you how restless and annoying it feels when you are wheels ridden. Wherever you go, this dead, lifeless iron structure follows you.

When there is no movement in the body, it tends to get rigid. Therefore, it becomes important for you to make your body moving, while sitting on the wheelchair itself. To achieve this, you can practice a set of exercises. This can be done very easily, if you follow the wheel chair exercising pattern. Wheel chair exercising should therefore become an important part of your daily exercising regime.

Wheel chair exercising helps you build in yourself impeccable strength and confidence. It also makes your body quite flexible by initiating more mobility in your body parts. Exercising also opens door for healthy lungs and heart and the related organs. And not to forget, it also helps in regulating your body weight.


But there is a set of procedure that you need to follow, if you plan to take up wheel chair exercising. Your exercising routine will majorly involve all the upper body workout programs. These body parts would be arms, your upper torso, the neck and the shoulders.

Like any contemporary exercise schedule, you should start with a good warm up session: Practicing, stretching and then cooling down for at least 10 minutes, before and after exercising. Remember, always start with moderate exercises. Then gradually, pick up more rigorous exercising.

A golden rule is to have a positive attitude. Set right goals for yourself. Always start slow. Regardless of the disability you are suffering from, your right attitude will help you achieve your set goals.

Even better it would be if you consult a good medical practitioner, who will guide you on the best exercises according to your disability. For, not all disabilities are similar.

Generally, there are two types of wheelchair exercising patterns. They are strength training and resistance training. A strength training exercising includes the lifting of dumbbells. The other exercise, resistance exercising includes the use of large and stretchy rubber bands. What you need to do with them is to tie one end of the band around a door or a pole. The other end should be with you. Now gradually pull the band away and towards you. This exercise helps in providing strength to your muscles.

Thus a regular practice of wheelchair exercising will surely not allow disability grab your whole body, besides keeping you in a healthy state.

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