Inflatable Trampolines The Ultimate Party Supply

By Christopher Smith

Inflatable trampolines can be fun and useful — imagine how much fun your guests will have at your next party with an inflatable trampoline. They can be rented easily, are quick to set up and take down, but best of all they are super fun for all. Imagine for a moment being able to play like a kid again!

Why Rent an Inflatable Trampoline?

Renting an inflatable trampoline is easy, and it can provide hours of entertainment at your next event. I know you have seen them, just think of your last major picnic or harvest festival. Yup, there was one there, usually filled with kids, sometimes with balls or balloons for added pleasure. Just think, neighborhood parties, special events like graduations or other celebrations are great times spent with the kids or adults all burning off the extra cake or punch energy, and you can sit back and relax.


Where to Rent An Inflatable Trampoline

Party rental stores and sports stores are the obvious first stop for your rental. They supply them to dozens of birthday parties and company picnics every week and will have the most information and best staff to help you in setting up your party rental. The key is to make sure you give yourself and the store you’re renting from enough time, so as you will have it on the day it is needed. Don’t wait until the last second, or you might not find what you’re looking for.

How to Set Up An Inflatable Trampoline

First, find a level flat spot preferably on smooth grass. Remember, do not set up the trampoline on cement. Doing so will simply increase the risk of injury, and that will ensure a fun filled day ends the wrong way. Next, lay it out flat and be sure to smooth out the top part.

Second, most come with a pump or air fill, be sure to make sure of this when renting one. Hook this pump up and plug it in. It is that easy. Now continue to set up your party, the inflatable trampoline will be ready in about 3 hours, sometimes less. It might be a good idea to set it up the night before. To take it down, just reverse this process, fold it up neatly for the next person, and put it back in its case. That’s it, but be sure to have lots of fun.

Anyone can host a party. The question is, what can you do to ensure that not only do you have the most memorable party ever, but one that sets your party apart for all the right reasons. Think about it, how much fun will it be for everyone to join in and be a kid for an afternoon again? Its priceless.

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