Why Do My Feet Hurt 5 Possible Reasons

By Danny Ashton

The foot is one of the most used up and tortured part of a human body. Every day, this system of 26 small bones, muscles and skin takes you to different places while carrying the whole weight of your body. Because of the pressure that the feet receive every day, it is quite normal for your feet to hurt every now and then. Nevertheless, there are other possible causes behind this pain that you feel. So, the next time you ask, “Why do my feet hurt? consider these 5 possible reasons:

Inappropriate Footwear

The type and size of the footwear that you use contributes to the possibilities of foot pain. If you wear shoes that do not match your real foot size, you can develop blisters and calluses. Moreover, wearing tight, closed shoes can also be a source of athlete’s foot. If you continuously wear unfitting shoes, the temporary soreness can develop into major foot deformity such as bunions and corns. These are sacs that become swollen and form bumps in your feet.

Metatarsal Problems


There are five metatarsal bones in each of your foot. These bones are positioned from the arches of your feet to your toe joints. Whenever you move your feet (walk, jump) the metatarsal bones are the ones that receive the force and shock waves during your weight shift. When your weight is not well distributed, the metatarsal bones will receive too much pressure that can make your feet ache. Usually, what causes metatarsal problems are improper posture and position.

Hammer toe and other deformities

A hammer toe is a deformity where in the joints of the toes becomes permanently bent. Many feet deformities occur because of imbalanced grip of the feet on the ground. If you wear shoes that make your feet more arched than the usual, there will be an improper dispersion of your body weight. Wearing high-heeled and tight shoes should be avoided because they elevate the arches of your feet, making your toes absorb excessive weight and force.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that targets the foot’s plantar fascia which is the band of tissue that supports the foot arch and serves as a connector of the ball of your foot and bones. When your heel receives too much stress, the plantar fascia may be damaged leading to extreme sole and heel pain. Waking up in the morning with aching feet is a common symptom plantar fasciitis.


Neuroma is a condition wherein a nerve tissue becomes abnormally large. One common type of neuroma is Morton’s Neuroma that affects the area between the third and fourth metatarsal bones. When the feet become to compressed, irritation of the nerves can occur and this can lead to neuroma. Common symptoms of Mortons Neuroma are throbbing sensation inside the foot, inflammation and numbness. Treatment for Morton’s Neuroma usually require surgery but you can also settle for Morton’s Neuroma shoes that are designed to cure this condition.

Although the human foot is one of the busiest parts of the body, most people do not really give attention to it. They only notice their feet once they start to hurt. In order to prevent different feet conditions, make it a habit to take good care of your feet. If possible, give your pair a good massage or treat yourself to a relaxing foot spa.

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